TIP EDIT BOXES:  Heading and Text Boxes should have some room left at the bottom.  Different browsers used by your visitors may display your pages differently.  Leaving some room at the bottom of your text box will allow for those differences.

TIP EDIT TEXT:  When you are entering Text in Edit mode (box has back dashed margins), you have some limited word processing functions available.  Right click to access these functions.

Currently spell and grammar check is not available in Website Builder.  However, we do not recommend that you copy and paste from any word processing or spreadsheet program, as that would add a large block of code to each of your pages.

Every time you use cut and paste from a source outside Website Builder, that program code is copied into Website Builder page programming code.  This considerably slows down the loading of your website and web pages for your visitors.

TIP REVERT: You can use REVERT TO LAST PUBLISH to replace your current page with the previous saved version of the page.

TIP CREATE FOLDER:  To group similar images together in their own folder, follow these same steps to create multiple image folders.

TIP IMAGES:    Make several folders to store your images, rather that put them all in one folder.  This makes it easier to locate the image you want later. 

TIP LINKS:   Links are a very important part of your website.  They allow you to easily guide and direct your visitors to specific places in your website.  They will also keep you from having to repeat the same information.

  • You can link to a page, or a portion of a page, using the various link command options.  
  • Using the browser back arrow will quickly return you to your current page.
  • It is very important to use View mode to double check that your links are going to the right place.

TIP VIDEO:  If possible, make short, numerous videos to illustrate your website.  The video should describe the specific function; process; or sales item, with appropriate images.  Make sure that the audio is clear and easy to understand.

Placing your video on YouTube will create additional coverage for your website, so make your title and description clear for search engines.

TIP FONTS:  If possible, do not use too many different fonts on one page.  Try to keep a consistant look on all pages in your website.  Use additional fonts for emphasis, or quick appeal to your visitors.

Downloading too many Google Fonts can slow down the page loading for your website.

To change an image after it has been uploaded:

  • Delete the image from the website folder.
  • Make necessary changes to the image on your computer.
  • Save the image with the same name as the original.
  • Upload the new image to the same website folder that the previous image used.  Your web pages that use the image will then display the corrected image without you have to delete and replace the image. 
  • Use high quality images, that are least 300X300 pixels.  Website Builder valid extensions are: gif, jpg, png, ico, pdf, swf, mp3, flv, zip, css, js, xml.  However, we suggest that you use .jpg for the majority of your images, as they take up less space, load quickly, and are accepted by all browsers.

TIP KEYWORDS:  Start compiling a list of search keywords and phrases for your business, check out your competitor's sites.  This will help when you are ready to enter keywords and phrases into your pages.

Tips for Website Builder

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