Slide - Create a Slideshow

  • Click on the first image you want to be in your slide presentation.
  • Slideshow Editor will display.
  • Customize your slide show by using the Palette box, located on right of screen.
  • The first image in your slideshow will now display on your web page.
  • Use Add an Image to insert all the images you want to be in your slide show. 
  • Select Done when you are finished. 
  • In Element Properties, use the drop-down menus to customize your slide show. 
  • The example is set to Scroll Left/Right, Controls (black arrows outside of image) are visible, picture will change every 2 seconds, with no pause.
  • Use VIEW to see how your slide show will actually look to your visitors.
  • Select SAVE to save and publish your page.
  • SLIDE  - Select to access the slide show folder options. 
  • Use Add a Link to access other web pages.

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