Select one of the provided templates to get started.  Remember, with Website Builder, it is easy to make changes to the template to make it your own design.  We have selected pre-made Template 192 for our example.

Video and Written Instructions are provided.

  • Make a template selection. 
  • If you have already selected a template when you signed up, then you can skip this step.
  • Select Template and then Select Build a New Template

Pre-made Template 192

  • The actual template page will display.  You will notice that there are sections separated by orange dotted lines.  These sections are divided into the Template into Header, Side Banner, Web Page, and Footer. 
  • These separate sections are necessary so that your Template can automatically expand as your pages expand. (NOTE:  The side banner is optional)
  • The section of the template marked by orange squares is your web page.  All content on the pages that you create will be displayed within the web page outline.

Choosing a Template

Manage a Template

Template Header

  • Select Template, and then Select Manage Templates.

Web page

Side Banner or Sidebar

Template Footer


Next we will edit the Template.
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