Edit A Template

We will edit our Template by clicking ONCE on the name in the upper left corner of the Template.
  • You can edit the template from any of your web pages.
  • If you are not in Template mode, you will see an orange dash margin around the display and an orange EDIT TEMPLATE tab. 
  • Clicking this tab will take you directly to the template to make changes. 
  • Be sure to Save your current page.
  • The selection will show a green line around it, with white squares and an EDIT tab. 
  • The corner squares adjust the size of the box proportionally; side squares in or out; top & bottom squares up or down.
  • DOUBLE Click inside the selection.  You will then see a dotted black line, which allows you to type directly into the box.
  • Highlight the existing words in the box and replace them with your own selection. 
  • In the example, PET buddy was changed  to Tutorial.
  • Select the box saying We carry all pet supplies, and we will delete it. 
  • Select the EDIT tab.
  • Select Save to publish your changes.  Website Builder immediately updates your website.
Next we will create a page for your website.
  • If you make a mistake or don't like your changes, just select Page  from the toolbar menu and then REVERT TO LAST PUBLISH.
  • Your previous page layout will replace your current work.
  • Select DELETE ELEMENT from the EDIT drop down menu.


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