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Give names to your pages that you understand, so that you can easily find them when necessary.  However, do not make your names too long.  Consider grouping similar catagories of pages together. 

If you later add a page for flag france it will initially appear at the bottom of the Page Management display.  Use the arrow block to the left of page name to arrange your pages in the order you wish.
Before deleting a page, be sure that it is not being used elsewhere in your website.

Example:  Your are selling flags and tee shirts on your website.  You create these pages:

page name is flag usa          

page name is flag england  

page name is shirt usa        



page title is American Flag

page title is English Flag

page title is American Flag Tee-Shirt


Keep text boxes short; provide plenty of space around text; and use images to illustrate your text. 
Text should describe the contents of the specific web page.
Always use at least one Heading on each web page.  This is very useful for search engines.
Do not create text in word processing or spreadsheet programs and then copy to web pages.  This would slow down the website considerably, most visitors would not want to wait for your pages to load.
If possible, have someone else review your web pages for spelling and grammar errors.  If that is not possible, a good proofing technique is to read your page out loud.  You will quickly identify any changes that need to be made.
You only have seconds to capture and keep the attention of visitors to your website.  Images are the most powerful way you have to do this.
When creating folders for images on your website, consider grouping images in similar catagories.  For example, using our example listed above, you might create an image folder called Flags, and another image folder called Shirts.  This allows you to find the image you want quickly.
Line your items up using the horizonital and vertical lines that are tied to the top and left hand rulers.  You can also use the Palette margins.  Unit of measure for web pages is in pixels.  Double check your display placements when page is completed.

Before going "live" with your website, start at the beginning and review each page.  Check links to be sure they still function correctly.

Use the Help icon, located at lower right of screen, below Palette, if you need additional help or need to contact us at Website Builder Support Center.


You do not need programming knowledge to build a great website because Website Builder has provided you with powerful tools to help you.  Take time to review these tools before starting your website.
Review other websites in your industry, note what works and does not work for you.  Use that information when designing your web pages.
High Quality images are important, but if the image is too big, it will slow down loading your page.  It  is recommend that most of your images be in .jpg format, which loads faster, and they are generally accepted by all browsers.
  • Use your Practice Page to learn how to use these tools.
  • EDIT Function                                              





Use one of the numerous products available to customize your image before you place in on the website.  You can  crop, enhance, combine, or use other means to make a powerful image that will get attention on your website.
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