Edit Function

The following command elements are available in EDIT Function

  • Click display once to display solid green line and EDIT tab.
  • UP - Moves the box up in display, same as bring forward.
  • DOWN - Moves box down in display, same as send backward.
  • LOCK ELEMENT - Locks display in place, so it does not move.  Locked displays will have a red margin line.  Selecting the tab UNLOCK will revert display back to EDIT function.
  • COPY ELEMENT - Copies the current display so it can be used elsewhere on the page.  Once the display is copied it can be modified as desired.
  • GROUP ELEMENT - Groups several elements together, so they can be moved as one block. 
  • .DELETE ELEMENT - Deletes the display.
  • (Note:  Keyboard Delete key will also delete display.)
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