Create Web Page

We will be creating a practice page for your website to demonstrate the basic functions.  This page will be available for your use but will not be available to vistors to your website.

Video and Written Instructions are provided.

  • Select PAGE from Toolbar MENU Tabs, then select ADD A NEW PAGE.  Fill in the lines as demonstrated below:
  • NOTE:  The words between ( ) are for information purposes only, do not include them in your page settings.
  • After you select Apply, Page Management will display. 
  • Some pages have already been created, and are included with your template - index.html, contact-us.html, about-us.html.
  • Click to open practice-page.html. Your browser address line will display:


Next we will add and edit content for your web page.

NOTE:  Index.html - This is your homepage which has been created from your template.  Always use index.html for your home page.  

It can be changed or modified but do not delete, rename or replace this page.



  • PAGE - Add New Page
  • Enter Page Settings
  • Click Apply
  • Page Management - click to Open Page


Click to OPEN this Page for editing

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