Create Page - Add Images

Your images are the most powerful part of your website.  Try to keep written content limited to short sections that are easy to read, and are not crowded together on the page.  

Video and Written Instructions are provided.

Use high quality images, at least 300X300 pixels. Valid extensions: gif, jpg, png, ico, pdf, swf, mp3, flv, zip, css, js, xml.  We suggest you use .jpg for the majority of your images; they will take up less space on your website, load quickly, and are accepted by all browsers.

  • Select ADD from Menu
  • IMAGE - Select Image from drop-down menu.
  • Select Create Folder
  • Create folder drop down box will display.  Type My Images in folder name box. 
  • Select Create to save.
  • Select Choose Files to  access your computer. 
  • Pick your image, and select Upload to Server.
  • Your image is now kept as part of your website on Website Builder servers.
  • Double click on the image you Uploaded; the image will appear on your page.
  • Select SAVE to Publish your page.
  • The image can be re-sized as desired.  
  • EDIT functions can be applied to the image. 
  • Practice adding more images and text to your page.
  • Select your folder, My Images, which now displays under Folders
  • Select Upload

   Quick Steps:

  • Select Add from Menu
  • Select Image
  •  Create Folder - My Images
  • Choose Files to Upload from Your Computer
  • Insert Image on Page
  • Make Adjustments to Image
  • Save page


Before starting your actual web pages, be sure and review General Information.
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