Button Function

  • Select ADD, then select BUTTON from drop-down menu.
  • Custom menu will display.
  • In Menu Link Text double click to edit.

Buttons are a quick, easy method to make links to other portions of your website.

Buttons can be links to a webpage; email, telephone, or google map.  Use your Practice Page to try different versions on buttons and to view the results.  Buttons can have a variety of sizes and shapes as defined by the web page creator.

Following are some examples of buttons made using the Button Function.

Multiple Button Directions:

  • Button Function can be used to create menu, lists, table of contents, and more..
  • Select Horizontal or Vertical Menu.  (See examples below)
  • Select Add a Link.
  • Keep Adding links until completed.
  • If you will not be linking to a page, put the  #  character in External URL box.
  • Use arrows to indent menu items under heading.
  • Click Done to save and exit.



Single Button Directions
Edit Styles Directions

Basic Styles Tab:

  • Select  Text Color - You can select from the color wheel, or enter in a 6 digit color number.  Be sure to use # in front of color.
  • BG Color (Background Color) is the color that will display as default.
  • Hover Text and Hover BG Color is the color that displays when the cursor is placed on the button.
  • The example button styles are shown here.


  • In Link Text box, type in the word or phrase you want to appear on your button.
  • If linking to a web page on your website, select the page name from the Page drop down menu.
  • Entering an email address in Email will directly access email.
  • Entering Phone number will allow mobile devices to dial that number.
  • Entering address in Map will access Google map.
  • Link opens in defaults to Same Window.
  • Click Apply to save your information.
  • Click Done to save and exit.
  • Adjust the size of your button as desired.



Advanced Tab:

  • Underline Links - use drop-down menu to select your choice.
  • Sub-menu BG - you can choose a different background for sub-menus.
  • You can choose to separate menus by a horizontal or vertical ine, and choose the color of that line.

Buttons Tab:

  • In our example, the border color for the button is black.
  • The Corner Radius is 10.
  • Add Drop Shadows and Add Gradient are selected.
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