Domain Name Setup

Pointing to Handzon Servers via Name Server Address and we handle your email


1 - Register your domain name if you haven't already. Go to our site and purchase a domain name if needed.

2 - Point your domain name to our servers, by specifying the following nameservers (If you get the name from us, it is pointed correctly):

3 - Submit a Support Request (ticket) which tells us what the domain name is supposed to be.

4 - Enter the full domain name as listed, including the "http://". Don't specify a page, just the domain name.

5 - Wait for us to respond to your ticket. Once your domain name information has been added to your account we'll update your ticket for you and you should see the website online. Note that it may take up to 24 hours before the domain name points to your Handzon website in your browser.




Pointing to Handzon via A RECORD so you can manage email outside of Handzon

This is the Godaddy version, but the settings remain the same... all A Records are to be pointed to the IP ADDRESS

Once complete, enter the new domain name as a support ticket in the system for setup right after you complete these steps.


1) Login to your Godaddy account
2) Click onto your domain name to show the 'Manage Domain' button
#3 Under the DNS MANAGER click launch
4) Inside the A RECORD click to change the number to: Then click SAVE ZONE FILE and you're done!
Submit a ticket with your new domain name once you have pointed it with your domain name provider.

There are 2 ways listed below to point your domain name to your website...

Build a website with